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Welcome to SWAVA

random animalsYou give your heart, your time, and your money to help a sanctuary give a second chance – a quality life – to all types of captive animals. Well, there are hundreds of caring, giving individuals just like you! It is time that we all are accounted for and have an association of sanctuary workers and volunteers! Let me introduce you to SWAVA – “Sanctuary Workers And Volunteers Association” – created by the sanctuary workers, interns and volunteers of The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. After many years without recognition of the individuals that give so much of themselves to sanctuaries, it is TIME that these angels of the animals are given the credit they so rightfully deserve!

The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary was established in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to provide a permanent sanctuary for exotic felines that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, confiscated or previously owned by people unwilling or unable to care for these magnificent animals. We are committed to giving our 66 resident felines the best possible care in captivity. We are certified by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and are a member of The Association Of Sanctuaries. Our growing reputation is a testament to the sanctuary’s strong multi-purposed mission, and our cats are becoming highly recognized ambassadors for other captive animals.

There are hundreds of other sanctuaries going above and beyond to give a quality life to animals! You are the people who make it happen! Obviously, not all sanctuaries are the same. We all care for different types of animals and face different challenges. We are in various stages of development, some starting out and others well established. But we all have one common goal – to take these animals out of their often detrimental situations and to give them the best life possible at our sanctuaries. Any one sanctuary alone is not enough. We should and need to unify towards that ambition.

Therefore, the mission of SWAVA is clear: to assist and support sanctuary workers and volunteers in the pursuit of excellence in animal care. SWAVA will be an outlet for communication of ideas, opinions and experiences. It will promote ongoing education of sanctuary workers and volunteers and the standardization of exceptional animal care in all sanctuaries. SWAVA will endeavor to build positive working relationships between sanctuary members and to instill more respect, strength and legitimacy for animals and their sanctuary caretakers.

By becoming a member of SWAVA, you will not only receive recognition but will also have the opportunity to attend educational classes in the future as this association develops. You will receive a quarterly newsletter that contains informative articles submitted by fellow members and that updates our progress as an organization. Also, you will be added to our SWAVA mailing list so you can interact with other members. We are eager to learn about your sanctuary, your experiences, your ideas and suggestions!

The animals need our help, so join SWAVA and become part of a team dedicated to the advancement of sanctuary workers and volunteers in providing quality care!